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Accounting articles and resources

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Audit-related articles and resources

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District of Columbia

Issues specific to organizations located in Washington, DC

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Financial Management and Analysis

Topics related to financial management, KPIs, and financial analysis

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Fundraising issues and resources

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Human Resources and Payroll

Resources about human resources and payroll

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IRS aids, explanations, and resources

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Lobbying information, rules, and resources for non-profits

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Policies and Procedures

Sample policies and procedures and articles about policies and procedures

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QuickBooks Desktop

Information about QuickBooks Desktop

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Federal Government

Information and resources related to the United States Federal Government

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Indirect/Overhead Costs

Indirect/Overhead costs including the Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement (NICRA)

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Web Tools

A collection of internet resources for non-profits

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Board Management

Issues related to non-profit board management

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Financial Reporting

Financial reporting information guidance, and resources

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Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) explanations and resources

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